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Delaforced House
Avenida D. João II
Vila Nova de Gaia

Telephone: (+351) 223 775 100

GPS: 41.1313, -8.59796

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The warm and welcoming country of Portugal is the home to the famous vineyards of the Douro and with which six generations of the Delaforce family have been linked for over one hundred and seventy five years.

During that time, the House of Delaforce has become known for its distinctive quality and style, first gaining recognition in the 1870s with gold medals at the famous Paris Exhibitions, and then being appointed Purveyors to the Portuguese Kings in the 1890s and in the early 1900’s, a rare honour at that time.

The Delaforce House style which is ‘rich, elegant and fruity’ is evident in the entire Delaforce range. In 1834 John Fleurriet Delaforce left London at the age of 26 to start work in the Port trade in Oporto. In 1868 the firm of Delaforce was started by his son, George Henry Delaforce, who developed trading relations with many European countries, including Scandinavia, Russia, England, Ireland, Germany and France.
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