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A wide range of relaxing massages

At The Yeatman Wine Spa, you can enjoy different types of massages and treatments, including relaxation massages, in rooms with a view over the old city of Porto, as well as other experiences where you will find details that make all the difference and contribute to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Before starting your treatment or massage, you will be taken to the relaxation room with a privileged view of Porto. From there you will be accompanied to your treatment room, and welcomed in a tranquil environment in harmony with the Spa’s Vinotherapy concept.
Kundalini Treatment 60min | €140 A soothing back and leg massage using marma therapy, warm herbal poultices and chakra balancing. Suitable in cases of exhaustion, stress and chronic fatigue. Book Now
Prana - Vital Energy 60min | €140 A toning body massage with marma therapy, helping to reduce toxins and fatigue whilst restoring physical and mental strength. Activates the circulation and boosts energy levels. Book Now
Holistic Therapeutic Massage 60min | €140 90min | €195 A back massage (60min) or a full body massage (90min) using Shiatsu stretches and stimulation of pressure points, to release tension and pacify the mind. Combats muscle fatigue, joint pain and poor posture, providing deep relaxation and relief. Book Now
The Yeatman Signature Massage 50min | €130 80min | €165 A personalised body massage with carefully selected oils to restore balance, harmony and energy. Book Now
Escape For Two 50min | €285 A unique moment for two with a body massage using grape seed oil and essential oils. Book Now
Wine Experience 60min | €130 A deeply relaxing massage for the back, head and neck, using different techniques to relieve pain and muscle tension. Book Now
Wine Experience 80min | €160 Exfoliation and body massage with ingredients from the vine. Promotes muscle relaxation and improves circulation leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. Book Now
Hot Stone Massage 50min | €140 A hot stone body massage for deep relaxation and for restoring balance to the mind and body. Book Now
Ilá Mother To Be Massage 50min | €140 Specially designed for all mothers, in this massage is used a rosehip seed and arganmassage oil infused with extracts of lavender, geranium and rose replenish dry skin and support in the fight against stretch marks. Himalayan herb poultices are slowly massaged into marmapoints to relieve aches and pains, excess fluid and heat. Anxiety is lifted while peace and harmony surround mother and baby. Book Now
Manual Lymphatic Drainage 50min | €130 Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system, eliminating excess fluids and toxins, through a very gentle massage that promotes deep relaxation in the body. Book Now
Sports Massage 50min | €140 Specifically sought after by people with a physically demanding lifestyle, this massage has a toning and revitalising effect, relieving stress and increasing body vitality and well-being. Book Now
Teen Care Massage 30min | €70 This massage is recommended for children and teenagers as a soothing massage that will seek to relax the neck and back muscles. Book Now
Ayurvedic Massage 80min | €190 This is a holistic massage technique that favours the balance between body and mind. Through deep pressure points, Ayurvedic Massage relieves tension and strengthens the immune system, acting as a stress deterrent and a natural anti-depressant. Book Now
Reflexology 30min | €95 50min | €140 An ancient practice and alternative treatment in which pressure is applied to different parts of the hands and feet in very precise "reflex points". This treatment works on the basis that different areas of the soles of the feet correspond to different organs and zones within the body. Book Now
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